Who installs a gas lantern on my house?

Gas lanterns are installed by a licensed plumber.


Why do gas lantern blow out?

Primo Gas Lanterns are designed and constructed to guard against blow outs. Many of the blowouts are caused by wind blowing through cracks in the lantern door which faces the front of the lantern. Primo Lanterns recesses it's door to minimize the possibility of wind entering. As an added precaution, Primo Lanterns  have a protective flange behind the door to block any wind that may make it though the recessed door. Also, before Primo Lanterns are delivered all glass is checked to make certain it is securely fastened in the lanterns.


Are Primo Lanterns Certified?

Primo lanters are certified by ETL (Intertek) to be in compliance with all applicable gas appliance standards. The international ETL sticker is displayed on every Primo Lantern.


Are the burners designed to be operated with the valve completely open?

Primo Lanterns are engineered to operate with the valve completely open. At this setting, the flame with be about three inches tall. It will burn at